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Gaffers in the Bay


The Gaffers hold weekly sails from the beginning of April to the end of September every Thursday afternoon/evening from 14.30 to one hour before sunset. There is a £15 entry fee which covers a boat for the whole year. Just complete the online entry form.


A local handicap, the Cardiff Bay Rating, has been developed which ensures very close corrected times, regardless of boat size, type and experience. New entrants will be allocated a Rating, based on the T(H)CF handicap formula, which will be adjusted after the completion of 4 sails. Ratings are also adjusted after each series of which there are 2 every year. Simple prizes are awarded after each series.


The Gaffers format is very simple, there is no committee boat and the organiser is one of the fleet. Triangular courses are laid by TARS, who sail earlier in the afternoon, and retrieved by the Gaffers in the evening. Each boat self times themselves around two consecutive laps. The idea is to have a good sail and everyone enjoys themselves. After sailing we adjourn to the bar for a jar, meal and a chat.


In addition, there will be sailing in company in the Bristol Channel organised by the OGA, the Association for Gaff Rigged boats, during the summer if tide and weather conditions permit. This is open to any boat.


Gaffers sailors talk to each other via a WhatsApp group which is also used by the organiser to pass information about upcoming events.

If you are interested just turn up on a event day or contact:

Roger Wallington:

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