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BHF Race

Another magnificent BHF race organised by the master, Idris Dibble. 22 boats came to the line in variable and shifty winds but only 21 finished due to one mistaking the course! The fleet was made up of a vast variety of boats from dinghies, small and large cruisers, and smaller gaffers all crewed by a range of sailors nurses, and fishermen who graciously did not stop to do some fishing!

The prizes were presented to Simon Gadsby as both the overall winner and the winner of the dinghy fleet, John Guy from the cruiser fleet sailing the smallest boat, a Bay Raider Expedition, and Andrew Kelland from the gaffer fleet sailing a Cornish Crabber, by Hugh Roberts, BHF. Altogether some £680 has been collected for the BHF so far with more being donated daily, a magnificent effort.

Here are the presentation photos. Thanks also to Simon, our Commodore, for presenting the prizes and helping the largest boat in the fleet to last place on handicap! The results are also below but due to problems with the app only a snip rather than a blog file. The gaffers do not have PY ratings but from previous data, they have been surmised such that their class positions are correct but their positions amongst the fleet may be somewhat unsure.

A big thank you to everyone taking part, and some even enjoyed the quiz after the presentation, another dip into old nautical sayings and general knowledge.

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