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TARS Results 11th April

Left, right? Port end or Starboard end? The port end won, just. A light, shifty, dying wind made for an interesting last race in the Frostbite series curtailed somewhat by cancellations due to strong winds being forecast. Twinfinity came out to play with her new asymmetric flown by a highly experience Argento sailor on loan for the day due to Idris having another sick note. The dying wind didn't do the back markers any favours either. GT was welcomed back into the TARdies and came in a creditable 6th place under the circumstances.

Race honours was taken by Misty Morn very closely followed by Koco and then Sabina on corrected time. Series honours go to Koco followed by Sabina and then Billie-Anne.

The spring series will start next week and all the handicaps will be reset to that determined by times up to the end of the Frostbite series. Not much has changed in reality.

The results of yesterdays race and the series are in the blog file below. More photos are on the TARS Facebook page.

TARS Autumn 2024 8
Download HTM • 24KB

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