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This is a weekly series of races for cruisers that do not usually race in any other Club Series and want to experience racing possibly for the first time. It runs from February to November every Thursday afternoon starting at 12.30hrs. In addition cruising in company may take place during the summer period if there is sufficient interest.


Any Cruiser can enter, there is a £15 entry fee which covers a boat for the whole year. Just complete the online entry form. The TARS format is very simple. Triangular courses are laid by the competitors and retrieved in conjunction with the Gaffers. There is no Committee boat to man and the race is run by the Race Officer on the water. A local handicap, the Cardiff Bay Rating, has been developed which ensures very close handicap racing, regardless of boat size, type and experience. New entrants will be allocated a Rating which will be adjusted after they complete 4 races. Ratings are also adjusted after each series of which there are 4 every year. Simple prizes are awarded after each series.


The aim is to have fair racing and fun. After racing the competitors adjourn to the bar and discuss the day’s events. In addition TARS sailors talk to each other via a vibrant Facebook page which is also used by the RO to pass information about upcoming races.


For further information just turn up an hour before race start or contact


Idris Dibble:

Roger Wallington:


Thursday Afternoon  Race Series 

"At the time, no one thought it was possible" Sir Robin Knox-Johnston - Sailing Legends
Royal Yachting Association - RYA

"At the time, no one thought it was possible" Sir Robin Knox-Johnston - Sailing Legends

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