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Cruiser Racing

The Cruiser Racing Section organizes a full program of racing throughout the year and always welcomes new competitors. There are fleets to suit all types of boats and all levels of experience. The larger boats compete in an IRC handicap fleet while most of the smaller and family cruising boats compete in a performance handicap fleet.


There are three series held predominately in the Channel on Sundays. The Earlybird series runs from the start of February for eight weeks and is followed by the Spring series, which is usually 11 races ending at the end of June. In the Autumn, the Frostbite series runs from the beginning of October until early December. This is followed by an end of season prize-giving Christmas party.


From May to August, there are two series of eight races held in the Bay on Tuesday evenings. These provide some exhilarating racing and are followed by a hot buffet usually involving a curry!


Committee Members – Cruiser Section

Idris Dibble, Ian Jones, Kevin Rolfe, Colin Rose

Race Fees

* Please check the race card for times and further infomation

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