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OGA 2022 Race

The much postponed OGA 2022 race was held on Thursday's Gaffers evening which resulted in a run-away win, again, for Lapwing helmed by Robert Green. He was presented with the Cup by Bristol Channel OGA Commodore, Viv Head. His boat, a Francois Vivier Jewel is shown just crossing the finish line. Second was Hetty Pegler, a Cornish Crabber Mk 2, helmed by Andrew Kelland, and third was Blue Jack, a Cornish Shrimper, helmed by Viv Head. Fourth was Morgan le Fay, another Cornish Shrimper, helmed by Bob Lang and a gallant fifth Charlie, an Oystercatcher 20, helmed by David Botterill.

The reduced entry of five boats came to the line out of the nine originally planning to take part some weeks ago and there was some fine competition, especially between Morgan le Fay and Hetty Pegler on the first lap. However, Morgan le Fay seemed to collect a bucket and slowed right down. Whether this was the dreaded weed or a lapse of concentration remains a mystery. All returned to the bar and many tall stories were told.

Thanks to our RO, Idris Dibble, and the Committee Boat team of David Owens and Roger Wallington. Some more photos are on the Gaffers WhatsApp group.

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