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TARS & Gaffers Dinner

The TARS and Gaffers joined forces again for a very successful end-of-season dinner and presentation of prizes. Thanks are due to Matt and his team for making the evening a success and great send-off for the clubhouse. Thank also to Simon, our Commodore, for presenting the prizes.

The TARS summer series winners were: 1st Dave Moore, 2nd David Owens and 3rd Nick Niklasson.

The Gaffers 2023 series winners were: 1st Roger Flambert who also collected the BC OGA Shield, 2nd Charlie Harris and 3rd Roger Wallington.

The photographs of the winners are attached - some didn't quite make it! The evening ended with the now traditional Nautical Quiz which as usual stumped quite a few. The winner, again, was Tony Davies aided and abetted by his family and Peter Knapp and they won a tub of sweeties. Peter was last seen trying to persuade everyone to help him eat them all so that he could use the container for storing his new balls (bearings)!

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