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GAFFERS OGA race 14th September

Cardidd Bay served up a typical wind, better than forecast but shifty. The Gaffers used the TARS course slightly modified due to the wind change that suited most boats. Seven boats came to the line, eventually, including Myrina, owned by John Harrison and helmed by David Cairncross. A somewhat different experience from his own boat. We hope to see more of Myrina next year.

The start was somewhat relaxed, Arwen crossing the somewhat biased line on port whilst the remainder of the fleet started on starboard. Arwen managed to maintain her lead for part of the first lap but the superior upwind performance of Chloe told eventually. A stronger wind, about 15 mph and it might have been a different story. As usual, the best racing was at the tail end of the fleet where the competition was fierce. Race honours were taken by Chloe, closely followed by Arwen with Nona Me taking third place. The full results are in the file below.

The race was followed in true Gaffers fashion by a meal, drink and good chat in the bar. Thanks to Idris Dibble for acting as our race office, he only just managed the start timing without missing the usual 4 and 1 minute warnings!

Attached are some of the photographs we managed to take.

OGA 2023
Download JPG • 51KB


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