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Gaffers Regatta Race

Four boats came to the line, Arwen, Blue Jay, Chloe and Hetty Pegler and it so easily could have been nine with Morgan le Fay down with Covid, Pooh-Bear having her cataracts done, Dipper house hunting on the East Coast, Charlie on her holidays and Lapwing off galavanting. A good sea breeze picked up just before the start, about 15-20 mph registered on the Barrage Weather Station, and disappeared not long after the finish, so a good race was had by all! The best start was at the port end of the line and the best wind the barrage side of the Bay. The result was a win for Arwen, a Memory 19. Thanks to the Race Officer, Idris Dibble, the only TARS representative on the day!

The results of the Gaffers series which has been severely affected by wind conditions, either too much or not enough, are in the blog file below. Lapwing, a very quick Francois Vivier design, joined us last Thursday and trounced us all. Well done Robert.

Spring 4
Download HTM • 7KB

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