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TARS Results 26th October

Another excellent autumn day for a sail, 10 boats came out to play. It was very noticeable that some were single-handed. Were crew members revolting? Spinnakers seem to have become a fashion accessory, Koco was the latest to fly one and it made a tremendous difference. Our driver did not rig one, mistakenly as it turned out as the last two legs were spinnaker reaches!

The race turned into two parts again with the larger boats disappearing into the distance. Unfortunately for those at the back end, the wind dropped slowly throughout the race and they suffered. Thanks to Nutmeg for helping with the buoys, our normal mark layer having gone down with a heavy cold.

The results are in the blog file below and there are more photos on the TARs Facebook page.

TARS Autumn 2023 7
Download HTM • 26KB

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