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TARS Results 16th November

The early forecast was horrible and probably a race for the bar again. The reality was almost as bad, light, patchy, and shifting through about 90 degrees through the race! The line was perfect at the start of the sequence and Argento was looking forward to a nice spinnaker run. However, the first leg turned into a fetch, the second was a beat and the 3rd wasn't a spinnaker run! And it changed every lap.

All in all a very good introduction for a new competitor, Surprise helmed by Ian Aitken! I have given Surprise a similar Rating to Twinfinity for the next four races. After that, it will be updated to her four-race average for the next series.

Congratulations to Blackjack on taking race honours closely followed by Koco and Cutty Stark. The results of the race and the series so far are in the blog file below. More photos are on the TARS Facebook page.

TARS Autumn 2023 8
Download HTM • 29KB

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