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TARS Results 6th July

An interesting day for a sail, especially as the normal highly experienced, and competent OAP crew was away! The Race Officer was a bit bemused that reflected in the results sheet with 13 boats recorded with only 12 on the water. One boat was recorded twice with different times for the same race! Typical TARS.

Blackjack stopped going sideways in the good winds, Gentianella lifted her skirts and flew and Raggamuffin just pipped Big Merlin to the line by 3 seconds on corrected time. All in all a good sail finished off by tall stories in the bar.

The results seemed to be accessible to all last week, or at least no one complained, so I assume all is back in working order. The results of yesterday's race and the Series so far are in the blog file below.

TARS Summer 2023 2
Download HTM • 12KB

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