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Berthing Fees


Fees 1st April 2023- 31st March 2024




Single payment

Direct Debit


x 10 instalments


















Prices are quoted per metre per day unless otherwise stated.

Bertholders only.

Up to 30 days

£0.25 per metre, per day


£2.00 per metre, per day

Emergency Hard Standing (subject to availability)

£2.00 per metre, per day

Lift In or Out

£80.00 each way

Weekend or overnight Slings


Overnight Slings


Launch/ Recover with Telehandler

£20.00 each way

Marina and Yard fees Terms and Conditions as of April 2023


  • All vessels stored, moored or used at the club premises must have 3rd party Indemnity to £3,000.000 and wreck recovery insurance.The club may ask for policy details from time to time.


  • The club does not accept liability for the loss or damage to vessels or equipment stored or berthed on the premises.

  • Mooring warps and lines are the responsibility of the owner.


  • The club retains the right to move any vessel moored or stored on the premises.


  • A berthing form is required for all boats kept at the yacht club.


  • A charge of £20 will be invoiced if your boat required a pump out.


  • All fees must be paid within 30 days of invoice, if unpaid a £20 admin charge will be added with each email or letter sent.


  • Any failed direct debit payments will incur a £20 admin charge plus any bank charges to the club.


  • Annual rolling contract can only start 1st April of each year, this can be paid in a one off payment or by direct debit (3% charge, 10 instalments).


  • Monthly rolling contract starts on the 1st of each month and will be invoiced on that date.


  • Hot berth facility: If there are no berths available for a members boat we may be able to accommodate you on a hot berth. You will probably be moved around the marina and will be charged accordingly on our daily rate.


  • If you sell your boat before the end of your annual (one off payment) contract you may:


  1. Request a refund, it will be calculated on the monthly rate for the time used and the remainder will be added to your account.

  2. Transfer the remainder of your contract to the new owner as long as the new owner is a member or is accepted as a new member, however there is a waiting list and the berth you occupy is requested by a member on the said list you will have to move. The office must be informed before any transfer can take place. The responsibility for the vessel will remain with the original contract holder until the club has agreed the transfer.

  3. If you sell your boat before the end of your direct debit contract please contact the office for advice.


  • If you start a new berthing contract after 1st April you will be charged at the monthly rate until the start of the new club year.


  • When your berth is vacant for more than one week please inform the office. The club may allow other members or visitors to use the berth, any money collected will be shared 50/50 with the member less a £20 admin charge.


  • When boats are stored ashore all head furling sails must be removed, any rubbish or paint scrapings must be cleared by the member. No polluted waste can be discharged into the compound.


  • Trailers, cradles etc. cannot be stored without the permission of the committee.


  • The club has adopted the RYA recommended rules for unpaid fees/abandoned boats. These rules will apply if any fees are not settled within 90 days of invoice. Your boat will be sold to recover any outstanding debt in accordance with the RYA policy. 

  • When using ‘Launch Recovery Take Away’ the trailer cannot be left in the car park, a staff member will advise where to put it.

Berthing Application 2023-24
Download DOCX • 31KB

Dinghy storage & LRT Application 2023-24
Download DOCX • 74KB

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