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Dinghy Spring Sunday / Wed Series - Amendment to SI's

Now that the warmer weather and lighter evenings are upon us, we hope you are all looking forward to the CBYC Spring Sunday and Wednesday Series that both start this coming week. First Race for the Sunday series is this weekend Sunday 27th March 10:30am start.

First Race for the Wed series is next week, however please take note that for the first week only we will be racing on Thursday evening 31st March instead of Wed so as to not clash with the club AGM. First start Thurs 31st March is 6:30pm.

In readiness for both Series we have issued an Amendment to the 2022 SI's. A copy of the SI's and the Amendment is attached. Please make yourself familiar with the Amendment

Amendment 1 2022 Dinghy Sailing Instructions
Download PDF • 765KB

2022 Dinghy Sailing Instructions
Download PDF • 806KB

Dinghy Committee

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