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Harvey Preston

Rear Commodore

Reside on Barry Island overlooking Barry Dock and the Bristol Channel. I have been a member of CBYC for c.15 years. Owner of Mustang Sally II and active in the Angling Section of the club. Owned a boat for 25 years and brought up fishing with my dad on a trailer boat back in the 1970’s.

Retired from Corporate life in 2019, having run several manufacturing businesses in industries ranging from aerospace, automotive to heavy industrial, manufacturing white goods, hose, electrical connectors and harnesses to filtration systems. Having retired spending more leisure time on the water and now able to go sea fishing whenever the weather permits. Also dabbled with a bit of sailing.

Recently had a 60ft narrowboat designed and built, which was launched at Droitwich Spa, planning to cruise the inland waterways of the UK over the next few years with my wife Kathy and two schnauzers.

A volunteer on the MonBrec canal as a ranger for CRT on a 6-mile stretch between Brecon and Talybont.

Other interests include hiking (have completed much of the Pembrokeshire and SW coastal paths), skiing and cycling and travel (cruises).

Harvey Preston
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