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What is not monitored cannot be managed.

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Some 2 years have passed since our Commodore posted that CoM had taken advice on the quantities and control over the amount spent on utilities, electricity, propane and water. At today's prices the club spent some £35,000 in 2018, the base year, on all utilities. The report concluded that little or no analysis of the usage was undertaken, the bills were just paid.

The report also highlighted the lack of regular data on which to base decisions and the fact that many systems had reached the end of their working life and should be replaced by new technology.

Actions taken by CoM since this report have resulted in expected annual savings of some £4,000 per annum at an investment cost of about £5,000, mainly in a new Building Energy Management System (BeMS) and Rainwater Harvesting. Other opportunities identified within the initial report still exist. In addition, sub meters have been installed to enable utility usage to be better understood and enable more informed decision making. Data from these have also helped develop a Monitoring and Targeting process and monthly reporting.

COVID-19 has played its part in reducing utility costs in 2020/21 but one particular investment in late summer 2020, the new BeMS, has been paramount in being able to take advantage of reduced activity.

This is the first of a series of blogs relating to the efforts CoM are making to keep control of costs and invest wisely. In the following months there will be blogs dedicated to specific areas of interest.

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