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TARS Results29th June

A typical TARS race ranging from tea and biscuits on the quarterdeck to OMG when our driver took drastic action to avoid a broach! Needless to say, the crew were left completely in the dark as to his intentions. I am told my handprints were found embedded in the mast! All in all a very interesting sail under the prevailing conditions.

The conditions seemed to favour the slower boats and as always the best competition was at the back of the fleet. Merlin now has some opposition in Ragamuffin, and their infighting slowed both of them which allowed the fleet to compress somewhat. Congratulation to Celtic Spray for taking race honours followed by Billie-Anne and Misty Morn.

All in all an interesting sail. The results are in a blog file below. Hopefully, it can be accessed by everyone. Investigating last week's problem it seems that the blog file could be accessed by using your CBYC sign-on, so in case the problem persists sign on to the Members pages.

TARS Summer 2023 1
Download HTM • 8KB


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