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TARS Results 4th April

The forecast weather did not arrive and what did resulted in conditions for an interesting and tactical race. The rain came later. The beat was interesting with constant wind shifts and gusts but Big Merlin leading Koco and this rivalry continuing throughout the race with Koco just pipping Big Merlin to the line after four laps.

The best racing was in the middle of the fleet of nine boats but the slower and heavier boats had an interesting time being warned of the shifts and gust and being able to take advantage of them.

Congratulations to Koco for taking race honours by a margin followed by Supermac and Sabina on corrected time. The results of yesterdays race and the series so far are in the blog file below and more photos are on the TARS Facebook page. The race next week will be the last of the Frostbite series after which all CB Ratings will be reassessed.

TARS Autumn 2024 7
Download HTM • 21KB

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