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TARS Results 3rd August

No driver available, he had put his back out playing with his outboard! And I also had a sick note so it was a pleasure watching the race from a different angle, seeing where there was a wind shift and watching boats fall into them!

Almost a massed start on a short line with the smallest boat getting the better of everyone. Mayhem at the windward mark due to wind shifts with Ragamuffin and Gentianella losing out. Gentianella even gave a magnificent display of sailing backwards! However, everyone made it across the finish line, wherever it was, the RO had no idea, and the result of the race and the series so far is in the blog file below.

As usual, there are some photos that I took from the balcony on the TARS Facebook page.

TARS Summer 2023 6
Download HTM • 25KB

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