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TARS and Gaffers!

Lovely day for a sail. And it included a Gaffer, Arwen based on an inshore oyster dredger owned by me. The Gaffer was first across a biased start line only to be rudely impeded by a big brute of an Elan31 starting on port! Nearly left a bowsprit sized hole in her side! After that fun, I had a nice sail at the back, although on the off wind legs we were catching Billie-Anne. If Arwen's TARS CB rating based on one race was applied she would have won by nearly 7 minutes!

And a good chat in the Bar afterwards. Nice to be back to near normality. Results in the file below, Arwen not included as I didn't want to embarrass the pointy sailed boats.

2021 Spring 2a
Download HTM • 7KB

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