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Updated: May 6, 2021

Chris Pain

Chris Pain grew up in Cardiff and spent his childhood messing around with his brothers on their boat on the bank of the River Ely so sailing and fishing were his passions until he discovered rugby in his teens.

Following training as an engineer with the MoD Chris joined BBC Wales as an engineer but followed his interests and trained as a cameraman, a career that took him all over the world. From Cardiff he moved to Anglia Television where, apart from meeting his wife, he rediscovered his passion for sailing. Chris purchased his first cruising yacht and spent several years exploring the East coast and Holland. Moving back to Cardiff Chris enjoyed windsurfing, dinghy sailing and extended cruising to France and Ireland.

His three sons all started to sail at CBYC and on the Norfolk Broads so it made sense for Chris to train as a Dinghy Instructor and help out along with other parents at the club. They went on to represent GBR at European and World Championships . Whilst they were competing Chris spent many days in a rib as safety support. His family’s involvement in the Welsh and GBR Squads has given him the knowledge of the demanding challenges that sailors and parents have in both managing time and financial commitments.

A few years ago, Chris and his wife bought their present sailing cruiser and they are looking forward to setting off again to distant shores preferably with friends and family.

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