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Chris Barton Committee Boat Maintenance

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Several members of the Dinghy Section have been hard at work over the past few weeks carrying out some essential maintenance of the Club's Committee Boat the 'Chris Barton'.

Dave helps paint the committee boat roof
The Chris Barton receiving a much needed paint refresh

The cabin roof has had a good sand and it's first lick of paint. Never fear though, it will soon be back to it's original, more familiar paint job of 'Rescue Orange'. The side decks have also been rubbed down and freshened up, making her a much more presentable vessel, for upcoming events this year, including the British Keelboat League coming to Cardiff Bay in May.

There is still much to do on the boat though, including replacing the light boxes (to be fair they have lasted 20 years!) which have now completely rotted through, new fairleads, some strengthening of the seating and the fore deck. - There is always going to be a need for enthusiastic people with elbow grease, jet washers, sandpaper and paint brushes! Volunteers with are always welcome, so email Richard to join the volunteer roster.

Coming soon: an update on the Club's newest addition to the fleet, a J24 and an inclusive sailing Hansa access 303...

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