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A Canadian Connection

The Cruiser Racing email account has received the following email. If anyone can help please get in touch with Rick. His email is

Greetings from Canada!

I am a doubly-vaccinated avid sailor from Montreal and I will be spending a few weeks in Cardiff helping my daughter settle in to the University. I would love to head out on a boat for a race, a sail, or just to have a coffee (or tea) and chat about the weather, sailing, and how we can save the world.

I have been sailing for more than fifty years and currently sail Star class. I am not planning on bringing foul-weather gear but I would bring some decent deck shoes and gloves, if there was an opportunity to sail.

Also, in particular, I design model sailboats for people all over the world, and I have an order for Jolie Brise, the pilot cutter. If you have any idea how I can get in touch with someone who has a pilot cutter nearby, and who could allow me to have a close look, it would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


Rick Shousha



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