Three-day Dinghy Instructor Course using single-handers only.


Course format

The temporary adjustment to the Dinghy Instructor Course will be a split of the course into two parts:

Part 1: A three-day Dinghy Instructor Course using single-handers only and including a moderation. This part is deliverable now.

Part 2: Two day, 'top up’ instructor training course in double-handers, un-moderated. This part can only be delivered once restrictions are eased.




These remain unchanged. The course should only be offered to those who already hold the pre-requisites:

First Aid Certificate

PB Level 2 Certificate*

RYA Safe and Fun course completion and certificate*

*No action plans should be set to gain these after the course.



To be completed in single handed dinghies only. Dinghies such as Pico, Zest, Topper, Lasers and Fevas (if sailed single handed) would be acceptable.

The pre-entry assessment needs to provide a clear picture of the candidate’s boat handling ability. This can be achieved by using the following techniques:

Tight circles (tacking and gybing)

Triangle course, demonstrating the 5 Essentials and stopping skills

Picking up a mooring

Coming alongside

Follow my leader

Adaptation of MOB, using a free-floating buoy or similar

Sailing backwards

Rigging, launching, recovery and de-rigging.



Part 1 Temporary Dinghy Instructor Course Single-handed endorsement. 0900 -1730

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Discussion topics: (5 minute shore based interactive group presentations or discussions. Outside weather permitting.)

Group One

Knots                                Hattie

How a sail works              Alicia

Rigging & boat controls Owen

5 Essentials                      Tilly

Towing                             TBA


Group Two

Knots                                 Ethan

How a sail works               Nigel

Rigging & boat controls  Dylan

5 Essentials                       Jacob

Towing                               TBA

The NSS Instructor Handbook G14 is essential reading. It is available as an E-book is you don’t have a copy. As is Start Sailing G3 and Advanced Sailing G12.

You will get a discount as you are all RYA members?