22nd August 2019

There are 16 boats now planning on going to Tenby for the weekend! Some are leaving on Friday towards Oxwich then on to Tenby on Saturday while others are doing it in one on Saturday. For the return trip some are planning on stopping at Oxwich before home on Monday. This makes it difficult to find a time when we will all be ashore in Tenby at the same time, so we might need more than one party! The first one will be at 1800 on the pier at Tenby in the vicinity of Y Ladi Wen.
Just to remind anyone who has ordered but not collected their shirts that they are in the office waiting for you.

19th August 2019

The last SWOG of the year beckons this coming weekend. Tenby is the destination for the Bank Holiday weekend. We will be having the customary meeting this Wednesday in the Club. It won't start before 8pm but as soon as possible afterwards.
It would be great to know how many of you are planning on coming along and I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday.

13th June 2019

Entries into the 2019 SWOG are now closed

7th June 2019

Seeing the weather slowly deteriorate is a sure sign that Summer is just around the corner. I'm sure you are all looking forward to the SWOG weekends and are making plans for your own sailing adventures as well.
It would be great to hear who is going where and when! Is anyone planning on the SWOG extra to Kinsale at the end of June? Who is hoping to join the SWOG++ to the Scillies?
My current plans are to go to Oxwich for the SWOG and then continue West and returning at the end of the month. That means that I'll possibly be missing from a few weekends. I also expect to go on the SWOG++ for the last two weeks in July.
What is needed is someone to act as ADA SWOGmaster to coordinate the Lundy and Portishead weekends. Lundy is relatively easy as arrangements don't need to be made with the Island - just need some CiSP and Wine (plain and coloured). The Portishaed weekend will need arrangements to be made with the Marina. Please let me know if you would like to take on this once in a lunchtime offer. You know you want to!
All the SWOGwear that you have ordered is now available for collection. For your convenience they are in the office and so you can pick them up when you are ready.
As always we will have the regular pre SWOG meeting at the Club this coming Wednesday at 8pm.
Looking forward to seeing you all then.

22nd May 2019

A good and useful meeting this evening for the weekends SWOG to Bristol. So far 13 boats have said they plan to go and I'll be sending the list to Bristol tomorrow morning. If you haven't already told me you are going but think you will then I'll add you to the list - but you'd better be quick.
Most boats seem to be planning on leaving early on Saturday morning to catch the last lock in at 1159 while others will be stopping at Portishead on Friday and catching the second lock in at 1040ish.

The plan is to moor up either on the Arnolfini Pontoon or on the transit moorings by the Lloyds amphitheatre

Cheese and wine at 6pm on Saturday in the vicinity of Dizzy or as advised nearer the time on WhatsApp.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

16th May 2019

The coming bank holiday, 25th - 27th May, the SWOG is set to go to Bristol. As ever we will be meeting at the Club on the previous Wednesday evening to discuss plans.

In advance of this it would be great to know who plans on going as this would ease the making of arrangement with the Harbourmaster in Bristol.

The next batch of SWOGwear has arrived from the engravers. If you joined up before the 28th April then they will be available for collection next week.

As in years gone by, I am looking for people to act as ADA SWOGmasters for each weekend away. This opportunity is strictly limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis. Full training will be provided.Email me now to secure your place.This opportunity exists for this Bank Holiday as well!

2nd May 2019

At last nights meeting it was agreed that we would meet in Oxwich Bay on Saturday evening. We will have a cheese inspired snack product and wine party of the beach as well as a BBQ. Bring your own stuff for the BBQ, a drinking vessel and any additional beverage that you might require. Also bring some means for the responsible disposal of rubbish.
To get there a number of boats will be locking out of the Bay at 0630 on Saturday morning and others will be leaving on Friday evening. Some boats will be returning on Sunday afternoon while others might visit Tenby or Ilfracombe.
 Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday.

30th April 2019

Its the first SWOG weekend coming up. The published destination is Padstow but its pretty certain that the majority of you wont be going there and back on a three day cruise! We will be having the customary pre weekend meeting on Wednesday evening to agree where we might go as a group.

Even if you are not planning on going anywhere then why not come down for a drink and a chat about your cruising plans and experiences.

8th April 2019

Entries are now flooding in for this years SWOG cruises. Well, 22 boats so far anyway. There have been a lot of enquiries about the events and a lot of new members interested in finding out more.

So, there will be a social evening at the Club on Wednesday 17th April from 8pm for everyone to get together and meet up. Let me know if you can make it, and if you want food then you might want to book a table. Those of you who have already entered should be able to collect your eventwear on the evening.

Lots of questions to be answered like 'Who is going to Kinsale?', 'Anyone else going to the Scillies?' and 'When is everyone going to Padstow?'.

1st February 2019

So, here we are planning this years cruising. Today the SWOG programme for 2019 is announced. While generally following the same format as previous years it does encompass a new feature.

The weekends away follow the usual pattern of local ports but without Watchet or Lydney as they are now not available for the size of fleet the SWOG has become and so we will plan to visit Bristol, Portishead and Padstow where you will need fenders as well as Tenby, Oxwich and Lundy where you wont! All these destinations depend of the weather at the time but at least you can book the weekend away.

The SWOG++ will go again. For simplicity it will be the last two weeks in July with an initial plan of going to the Scillies.

A new event this year is the SWOGextra This will be a cruise to KInsale to coincide with Kinsale week and is intended to provide day sailing there and back with a few days there.

You can see the posters here.

The entry form will be available soon but in the meantime please email me at to register your interest and join the exclusive email and WhatsApp group.

10th February 2018

Entries coming in steadily now, please have a look at the entries page on the SWOG drop down menu, where you can see your boat name and the shirts you have requested.

Don't forget payment by the end of the month equals free ticket for the cheese and wine!

Apologies if you have paid but it isn't shown. It takes a little time to get the paid status to me and updated.

25th January 2018

I'm pleased to announce we will be holding a  SWOG social event in March.

The date for your diaries is 
Friday March 9th. 2018  at 1900
in the Quarterdeck bar.

Tickets* are £5 per person on the night.

Special offer
SWOG entry form in, and payments made, by the end of February ?
 Then each shirt ordered (including complimentary one) will attract a free ticket!

Enter here

In addition the restaurant will be offering a bottle of wine and two steaks special meal deal. More info to come.

 *Ticket entitles you to one glass of wine, cheese inspired snacks etc. and very probably real cheese.

We would much prefer that you pay online by BACS. The bank details are 40-16-18 Account number 21473271 Prefix the boat name with SWOG (eg SWOG DIZZY) as the payment reference.To pay by card over the phone call 029 2066 6627. 

17th January 2018

A Happy New Year to you all! I'm pleased to be able to tell you that the 2018 SWOG programmes are announced. As in recent years there are seven weekends away, the week long cruise as well as two weeks away. All the posters are on these pages.

Each year since the revitalisation of the SWOG in 2010 there have been changes to the format and organisation of the cruises. Last year saw the start of the SWOG++ and a number of boats enjoyed a cruise to Ireland. We also saw the intruduction of Acting Deputy Assistant SWOGmasters who organised each weekend. This year will see another couple of changes. Firstly it looks like you need to practice your anchoring skills! Secondly I'm delighted to tell you that your have a new SWOGmaster. Martin Gifford, who has set this years programme, has agreed to take over and I'm sure he will introduce lots of new and exciting improvements to the SWOG.

12th June 2017

This years SWOG programme forges ahead with two back to back weekends of SWOGness.

This coming weekend, the 17th & 18th, its off to Portishead followed by a trip to Lyndey the weekend after.

As ever there will be the regular Wednesday evening meting to discuss pilotage, partying and passages. This time your ADA Swogmaster will be Ed and Alyson of Moontide Bay. The meeting wont start before 8pm.
I think the ADA Swogmaster role for the Lyney trip is still vacant, but am easily confused so if you think you already are or would like to take it on then please mail

To help with arrangements it would be great to hear from everyone about their plans for going or not to either weekend. Just

23rd February 2017

The entry form for this year's SWOGging is now available. You can see it here.

Due to popular demand the eventwear will be the much loved navy rugby shirts.

It was previously announced that each weekend will be hosted by a volunteer deputy assistant SWOGmaster. There were only seven vacancies for this role but there are now currently only seven left. Successful candidates will have to show a passion for cheap wine and snack products. An awareness of real cheese and even fruit is an advantage. The ability to communicate with the fleet, coordinate with harbourmasters and other stuff is essential. These exciting opportunities are open to any adult CBYC member. Full training can be provided at no cost.
These opportunities are available on a strictly first come first served basis. For your chance to become a legend in your own lunchtime book your place by email to

5th February 2017

The dates for this year's SWOGging are announced. You can see all the posters here.

The most obvious change this year is the introduction of a SWOG++. This is a two week cruise away that will hopefully take us to Ireland.

The second and still fairly obvious change is that the first SWOG weekend will be bifurcated. You can choose either Watchet or Padstow. This recognises that some will take in Padstow as part of a longer time away while for others its just a bit too far for just a long weekend.

The last and barely obvious at all change is that each weekend will be hosted by a volunteer deputy assistant SWOGmaster. There are currently seven vacancies for this role. Successful candidates will have to show a passion for cheap wine and snack products. An awareness of real cheese and even fruit is an advantage. The ability to communicate with the fleet, coordinate with harbourmasters and other stuff is essential. These exciting opportunities are open to any adult CBYC member. Full training can be provided at no cost.

These programmes are announced so you can get yourselves a bit organised now you have the dates. Entry forms will be available shortly when I have the eventwear sorted out. There are some who would like to see a return to the rugby style shirt from the polo shirt. Which one did everyone prefer?

24th October

swog END OF SEASON party 16

3rd August

A good meeting last confirmed Swansea as the destination for the weekend. The meeting was hosted by your temporary acting assistant SWOGmaster, Ian Aitken.

So far ten boats have indicated their intention to come along and the weather forecast looks as good as its going to be for both days.

There will be Tawe Lock closures on both days so you will need to plan for those. Most people at the meeting were thinking of leaving mid morning on Saturday to arrive as the closure is lifted.

The CiSP&W party will be as soon as everyone is in after 1800 and will be in the vicinity of Y Ladi Wen. If you cant find it then I expect the Marina office will tell you.

While Ian will be tipping off the Marina of your impending arrival you should make your own arrangements for berthing.

Ian can be contacted on 07773 333432 and at

26h June 2016

Lydney Yacht Club always hold their Summer Rally on the weekend of the Lydney Town Festival. The BCYA always hold their Welsh Coast Rally on the weekend of the Food Festival at Mermaid Quay. This year both these events are on the same weekend - the 9th/10th July.

I'll be attending neither and in a previous email asked if someone would like to help co-ordinate this weekend. Unfortunately nobody wants to take that on - perhaps nobody is going!

As a result of this there won't be a meting on Wednesday 6th July and there will be no Club W&Cisp available.

Those of you who haven't been there before and are thinking about going this year might find these links useful.

The harbourmaster, Dave Penfold, can be contacted on 07768 8621282. I would suggest that anyone going gives him a call to find out about the gate opening times and availability.

9th June 2016

Interesting meeting last night.

The following boats have indicated their intention to come along. Sea Breeze, Libra Lass, Shirana, Merlin, Pindari, Sabriel, Inside Trader, Dee Jay, Ariana, Coritana, Dizzy, Epernay, Quadrille, True North, Dreamboat, Moonshine Bay, Iona and Banjo. I've sent the list to Watchet Marina so they can plan to accommodate us. If you ae not on the list and expect to be coming then let me know.

The Cisp&W party will be at 6pm in the vicinity of Dizzy or somewhere else.

12th May 2016

Good meeting last night at the Club where it was agreed that Portishead would be the destination. Most boats seem to favour a1000outbound lock from the Barrage and I've le them know about that.

The following boats have indicated they will be coming; Dizzy, Pindari, Ariana, Libra Lass, Inside Trader, Sea Breeze, Dee Jay, Dream Chaser, Taiyo, Miss Teifi, Cortitana Antares of London, Karma Sea, Zest and On ya Marx. I have called the Marina and booked in all these boats. If you want to be added to the list or taken off let me know. There may and so may not be a discount available to us, We'll find out when we get there.

The W&CiSP party will be at 1800 at a place to be decided but probably in the vicinity of Dream Chaser. Obviously there will also be fruit available.

Hope to see you there!

25th April 2016


Well here we are again about to start another year of SWOGing.  I expect you are all looking forward to the Bank Holiday in Padstow!

The forecast and time availability will be important in your decision to go or not. The forecast doesn't look all that great at the moment but its early days yet.

Anyway, Padstow is probably beyond the reach of many of the smaller boats and so I'm thinking of bifurcating the event so as many of us as possible can enjoy time away in company. Lets talk about this at the meeting on Wednesday evening. As always the meeting will start not before 2000.

Sadly I am called away on far less interesting Club matters both on Wednesday evening and over the Bank Holiday I wont be at the meeting but an acting assistant SWOGmeister will be there to help you decide where you are all going! He will also be armed with the Cisp&W at the destination.

We are 24 boats so far, a few less than last year at this point. I shall be ordering the first lot of shirts on Wednesday and so if you have paid and entered before then your shirts will be on the order.

Good luck!

9th February 2016


Well, here we go again! The dates for this year SWOG have finally been wrangled. They are ;

30th April – 2nd May



14th - 15th May



28th- 30thMay



11th - 12th June



9th10th July



6th - 7th August



27th - 29th August



More information and entry forms are available now.

Don't forget the SWOG+ week away is from 23rd to 31st July.


I plan the SWOG weekends to not conflict with other established events such as the Bristol Harbour Festival or the BCYA Rallies. This year the BCYA Welsh coast Rally and the Lydney Rally are planned for the same weekend of 9th - 10th July.
Additionally there is conflicting information available about the Gloucester trip. There might be a trip at Easter or at the Spring Bank Holiday or possibly neither or both!

28th August 2015

On Wednesday it was agreed that we would decide this afternoon on the final destination of this weekend's SWOG as the weather the time kept changing.
The forecasts last night and this morning seem to have settled into almost textbook for a weekend in Tenby, S going SW on Saturday, light airs on Sunday and W/NW on Monday.

And so we will meet at Tenby for the W&CiSP party on the beach at Tenby at 1200 on Sunday.

26th August 2015

About 14 boats were represented at tonight's meeting. The enthusiasm for going to Tenby was tempered by the constantly changing weather forecast. Some boats intend to leave early Friday for Oxwich Bay while others intend to leave on Saturday morning.

Because of the unsettled weather the final decision on the SWOG destination will be made early on Friday afternoon. If Tenby seems tenable over Saturday night then that will be the destination, otherwise it will divert to Swansea marina. I shall send another email when that decision is made.

The W&CiSP party will be on the beach at Tenby or in the vicinity of Dizzy in Swansea  at 1200 on Sunday.

20th August 2015

Well here we are - its nearly all over at last. Just the weekend away at Tenby now. The early weather forecasts look quite good which isn't always a good sign but its too early to tell at the moment. If Tenby is untenable then we will have to think of alternative venues. It would be great if you could let me know if you hope to come along or if you know you definitely know you aren't. I'm not looking for a legally binding contract here but just to get some idea so I can provide sufficient CiSP&W and forewarn the harbourmaster. All you need to do is email me at with a yes or no and your boat name.

You will already know about the Club Regatta on the following weekend. That's the 5th & 6th September. Its going to be a fun packed weekend with something for everyone. You can see the Timetable of Events and Activities to see what I mean. You will recall that the SWOG crew beat the Cruiser Racers in the final of the Dragon Boat racing. I expect a repeat performance this year.

The SWOG 'end of term' party is booked for Saturday 24th October. That's the day before the clocks go back so you get an extra hour the following morning! Any suggestions for food, entertainment or theme will be considered. Not sure last year could be bettered, but I suppose we ought to give it a go!

We have some new recruits and possibly more to come that would bring the number up to 79. Marvellous. I shall be making the final eventwear order next week so if you want anymore shirts then you had better order them pdq.

As ever we will be having a meeting in the bar on this Wednesday evening so we can all share our plans. It wont start before 8pm.I shall be bringing a box full of shirts that are as yet unclaimed so please come if only to collect yours! I shall also bring mugs for those who have actually turned up anywhere. 

See you on Wednesday!

5th August 2015

It is agreed that the SWOG this weekend will be to Portishead Marina.

The following boats have indicated their intention to come along. Dizzy, Wave Train, Jonah, Zest, Pindari,
On Ya Marx Pure Spirit, Iona, Serendipity, True North, Moontide Boy, Farrcical, Dee Jay, Just Right, amd Sea Breeze and I have booked them all in at the marina. You may expect to be asked to raft up.

The CiSP&W party will be at 1700 on Saturday in the vicinity of Dizzy.

4th August 2015


Watchet was the first ever SWOG destination and has always been a very popular destination for Cardiff boats. This year they have had a testing time with the gate breaking. This has led to some restrictions on getting in and out. The good news is that the repaired gate is due to be installed this week and the marina will be closed during this work. It should be completed tomorrow but may overrun.

The dilemma this year is should we go there this weekend or go somewhere else.

In deciding there are number of considerations to be made. Siltation has been an increasing problem in the marina for a while now and until the gate is replaced it wont be known if its improved or worsened. I hear reports that the hammerhead berths are OK but the rest is all drying. This is OK if only a small number of boats attend but if there are the usual 20 or so then many boats will not be able to leave early enough to beat the tide back home. Its the BCYA English coast rally in Watchet the weekend after and I'm sure a lot of you will be attending that and maybe wont be wanting to go two weekends in a row.
If we decide to go elsewhere then where should that be? Portishead, Bristol or Swansea are the options if we are going to a marina. I would want a shortish trip for this one as a lot of newbie SWOGgers are looking to attend their first trip. Assuming the weather makes Tenby untenable  later in the month then Bristol might be a better place to spend a Bank Holiday weekend. I suggest that Portishead would be the best alternative destination. I have been in touch with Portishead marina and they will be able to accommodate us although it will probably involve some rafting up. To help them with the mooring arrangements I shall be sending them a list of boats expecting to arrive if that's where we decide to go. It would be really useful if you could let me know if you intend to come along to wherever we go.

As ever we will be having a meeting in the bar on this Wednesday evening so we can all share our plans. It wont start before 8pm.

I shall be bringing a box full of shirts that are as yet unclaimed so please come if only to collect yours! I shall also bring mugs for those who have actually turned up anywhere. 

See you tomorrow!

22nd July 2015

A good number of boats represented at the meeting tonight. Everyone still seems keen on the Plan A discussed last week. The weather forecast has been changing dramatically during the week and it looks like choosing the correct starting time could dramatically change the nature of the trip to Dale.
Quite a variety of start times are preferred by different boats Of the 18 boats who have expressed an interest its probably only 10 or so who would be planning on leaving on Saturday with most going for a 0330-0400 lockout of the Bay. Others plan to leave on Friday night or Saturday lunchtime. Some boats will be joining later in the week.
The way the forecast is as I write this I'm now thinking of leaving late Friday morning.
With the constantly changing forecast the venue for the Cisp&W party venues may change during the week so be sure to keep in touch.
I produced a contact list of for everyone and I'll email that to those who couldn't make it tonight.

16th July 2015

The meeting discussed outline plans for the SWOG+ starting the week after next. The following boats have expressed an interest in taking part. Libra Lass, Onya Marx, Merlin, Evania, Serendipity, Wave Train, Dizzy, Hunters Moon, Y Ladi Wen, Sabriel, Octopus, Jonah, Iona, Antares and Silver Spirit.
Some boats are keen to keep left at Lundy and head for the Scillies while the general concensus seemed to be to make for Dale and work back from there. By meeting up at three locations during the week it would be possible to accomodate everyone. It was agreed that we would plan to meet up on the pontoon at Dale on Monday evening, the beach at Lundy on Thursday and Swansea on Saturday.
Obviously any of these plans are subject to weather and it was agreed to share mobile numbers among the fleet so we can keep in touch during the week. If you could let me know names and numbers then I'll share that among the fleet. email to
If any others want to join in then you are most welcome so let me know.
We'll meet again next Wednesday when the weather forecast should be clearer. Look forward to seeing you then.

9th July 2015


The SWOG+ is a nine day cruise around the Bristol Channel. Last year some boats came along for the whole trip and others took it in as part of a longer cruise.

There will be a meeting in the Clubhouse on Wednesday 15th July at 8pm for everyone who is interested to get together. We can discuss all your aims and aspirations and possibly draw up some loose plan of where and when we might go.

We can then meet again on the following Wednesday to make some firmer plans in the light of the weather forecast.

If you can’t get to the meeting and would like to come along or you would like more information then please contact David Cairncross at or on 07771 805309

1st July 2015


Very few at this evenings meeting and it was all bad news.  

No visiting boats will be allowed to enter Lydney harbour this coming weekend

The reason for this is that due to a fault with the gates the Outer Basin where we were expecting to tie up is now officially tidal. The Harbourmaster has ruled that until the water level in the river that feeds the harbour returns to normal the Outer Basin is out of bounds to visitors. While this an inconvenience for us this is a massive blow for LYC but the Rally will still go ahead and anyone wanting to camp there would be welcome.

Penarth Marina is a RYA Active Marina and as part of that they are organising a cruise to Bristol this weekend starting with a trip on Friday evening to Portishead. There are expected to be 15+ boats taking part in this and they will be exiting Portishead on Saturday morning at the earliest opportunity to get to Bristol before the stopgate comes on.

The general consensus among those here tonight was to go to Portishead on Friday evening and return on Sunday morning. The W&CISP party will be at 5pm on Saturday in Portishead probably in the vicinity of Dizzy or Dream Chaser.

I have spoken with Portishead Marina and they can accommodate all the boats even if involves rafting up or being up against a wall. It would be great if you could let me know if you intend to go to Portishead so I can update them with what to expect. I imagine a lot of other local boats that wont be going to Lydney will be looking for somewhere to go as well!

30th June 2015

No sooner are we back from Swansea than it time to be off again! This time its for one of the most popular SWOGs of the year - Lydney. Last year we had 13 boats from the Club and were the biggest contingent from another Club. This year the weekend will also be the Lydney town festival that extents to the Yacht Club - one of the friendliest Clubs you are likely to visit.
As ever we will be having a meeting in the bar on this Wednesday evening so we can all share our plans. It wont start before 8pm.
I shall be bringing a box full of shirts that are as yet unclaimed so please come if only to collect yours! I shall also bring mugs for those who have actually turned up anywhere. 

The Swansea weekend saw a new record for boat numbers attending a venue. Unfortunately it was a record for the fewest boats! Only 4 of us made it and although there was quite a fresh breeze the sea state was little more than slight.

It would be a great help to know how many of you are planning on going to Lydney and who is planning on not going. Please let me know.

See you on Wednesday!

18th June 2015

The weather looks as good as its likely to be for a weekend trip to Swansea.

It looks as if there will be 15-20 boats taking part. I shall call the marina to let them know but you will have to make your own berthing arrangements.

The cheese and wine party will be at 7pm in the vicinity of Dream Chaser.

Hope to see you all there!

15th June 2015

Well, here we go again! Will this be the first SWOG of the year that actually goes to the published destination?

As usual we will have a get together on this Wednesday evening at the Club. Don't forget it's curry night as well so you might as well take on a curry as well. The meeting will start soon after 8pm.

You'll be glad to read that I now have almost all the shirts you ordered. Remember its your job to collect them not mine to deliver them!

18th May 2015

I expect you are all looking forward to the Bank Holiday in Padstow!

The forecast and time availability will be important in your decision to go or not. The forecast doesn't look all that great at the moment but its early days yet.

Anyway, Padstow is probably beyond the reach of many of the smaller boats and so I'm thinking of bifurcating the event so as many of us as possible can enjoy time away in company. Lets talk about this at the meeting on Wednesday evening. As always the meeting will start not before 2000.

I collected the second consignment of eventwear this morning. That's 100 shirts already! I need to order even more so if you need extra then order then soon. Call the office with your boat name and tell 'em what sizes you need and prepare to become £15 lighter for each one you order. I'll bring those I already have down on Wednesday.

We are now 70 boats entered! Thanks to the 58 who entered online - it makes the admin so much easier.

I expect some of you are looking forward to racing. Swansea Yacht and Sub Aqua Club have a race to Padstow leaving Swansea on Friday evening. If anyone wants a race to somewhere else then let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


1st May 2015

Bristol Update No2

Right then! The final plan is that this weekends SWOG will be to Swansea. 

The wine and CISP is locked and loaded on board Dizzy. The traditional party will be held in the vicinity of Dizzy at 1800 on Saturday.

The forecast is Easterly on Saturday and Westerly on Monday. Perfect!!

Some of us are already thinking of locking out at between 8 and 9 tomorrow.

I've phoned the marina and they are expecting a number of boats to come. You will have to make your own arrangements but they say they haven't turned anyone away yet! ! I'm just going to turn up. 01792 470310 if you need to call. They say there may be a lock closure until 1315ish on Sunday and the last lock out on Monday will be 1100 until 1500.

Looking forward to seeing you there!


29th April 2015

It was great to see so many of you at the Club this evening.

The weather forecast for the weekend is not conducive to pleasant sailing with Easterlies promised for the outbound trip and Westerlies for the return. This combined with Spring Tides would lead to very lumpy bumpy rides both ways. There didn't seem a great appetite in the room for this.

On the other hand the weather could be ideal for a trip to Swansea. A boat could leave mid morning to arrive at Tawe barrage mid afternoon on the Saturday and to return to Cardiff on Monday mid morning to be back in Cardiff mid afternoon.

If the forecast deteriorates further then we may have to think about a trip all the way across the Bay to the graving dock.

Anyway, it was agreed that we will make a final decision on the SWOG destination on Friday evening. Obviously it would be good to see as many of you as possible all in the same place so please let me know by replying to this your thoughts on where you might want to go.

I'll email the result on Friday evening and post it on the website

27th April 2015

I expect you are already getting pretty excited as the start of the new SWOG season approaches. I know I am!

As is usual we will have a meeting on Wednesday evening to discuss plans and to welcome all the newcomers to the SWOG dream. We'll do that in the bar and not before 8pm. The bar and restaurant will both be open.

I'll be talking to the Bristol Harbourmaster before Wednesday to make arrangements with him and it makes it a lot easier to have some idea of how many of you are planning on going. Please reply to let me know!

I hope to make a start on eventwear distribution. The first 64 shirts should have arrived from the engravers by then. I'll be ordering some more this coming week if you need any more or haven't entered this years event yet.

I might well bring the box of unclaimed shirts from last year that I don't need in my house any more as well.
I also have a number of mugs left over from last years event and so if you want one of these we'll accept donations to the RNLI in exchange.

If anyone is interested in a race then let me know!

14th February 2015

The entry form is now available. Entry can be achieved in one of two ways. The preferred option is that you do this online. On the website follow the link from SWOG to the Entry Form. You can then go on to pay by PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay this way - just a credit or debit card. The other way is to fill out a form. You'll need to download one from the website or pick one up from the office or bar and then pay by cash, cheque or card. You'll also need a flat surface and a pen so you might as well do it online.

This years eventwear will be a quality polo shirt. These can be supplied in all sizes to fit men, women and children. The manufacturers size guides are on the website and the back of the paper forms. This year I'm prepared to offer a personal fitting service in some circumstances. The garments will be engraved with your boat name so its important that you select the correct size and spell your boat name on the form correctly!

The entry fees will be the same as last year and cover both the SWOG series and the SWOG+

31st January 2015

The dates for the SWOG weekends are announced and can be seen on the poster here;


  The week away SWOG+ poster is here



 Entry forms for both these events will be available shortly so check back here often!