• Matt Sayer

    Matt Sayer

    Berthing Master

    I grew up sailing on the Norfolk Broads, continuing at Bangor Uni. I then taught dinghy sailing, powerboating, keelboat sailing, canoeing and climbing in Norfolk, before getting my first “proper job” when sailing went back to just being a passion. 

    I have been a keen dinghy member at CBYC since returning to Wales with work in 2014, I’m on my RS400 or my RS100 every chance I get and occasionally racing on yachts too. In the dinghy storage areas I want to work make best use of the limited space we have & ensure that we are always able to say yes to keen dinghy sailors that want to come and sail with us. 

    I am also a serving CBYC Council of Management member where I aim to provide a much needed voice on that committee for dinghy sailors or indeed anyone who feels there’s something the club collectively could improve on. Catch me in between the racing & I'm happy to chat to anyone!