Dinghy Sailing

Cardiff Bay Yacht Club Dinghy Section

The Dinghy Section runs its own events and also controls the storage of dinghies in the compound. There are approximately 100 spaces in the dinghy compound and we expect people to use their boats at least ten times a year to qualify for a berth. The policy is designed to encourage active sailors and is rigorously enforced. The participation of members who race is monitored via race results whilst the ‘cruising’ members who sail for fun are required to record their activities in log books which are kept in the General Office and bar. In addition, we expect people to help at least once a year with the safety boat for Club and Open events and also the odd working party throughout the season. 

Boats Sailed

All types of mono hull dinghies are accepted and some keel boats such as Flying Fifteen are also accepted. There are many new dinghies but plenty of old design classes and members sail a variety of classes with PY from 840 to 1200, crewed and single handed. Examples of Crewed Classes are 2000, RS200., RS400, RS800, Enterprise, Vago,Lark and Single Handed Laser EPS,Supernova, Laser, RS100, Topper, Optimist, Solo. 

Racing and Events

Racing, which is organised in association with the Cardiff Yacht Club, is held on Sundays from February to November. There is also evening racing on Wednesdays from May to September. There is always advice on hand from experienced members to help newcomers. A highlight of the club year is the Regatta. All members who race will help running the racing by being PRO or Rescue with full training offered by the club and to start with new members are assistants but will be expected to take training courses.

Sailing Restrictions

Sailing and racing is normally within the confines of the bay but you can go through the barrage if you have an engine. Unusually for what is a large inland lake you can sail at any time but there is no rescue boat cover so people must be sure the conditions are within their skill level. 


The Dinghy Section members are some of the most active and social sailors in the Club, which is not surprising given the fantastic water and easy access at all times. There is a prize giving at the end of the season held in December.

Contact Details and Further Information

There is an active Facebook Group used by the section.

Cardiff Bay Dinghy Sailing