Meeting Notes of 4-10-15

At the Owners and Helms meeting held on 4th October 2015 the following was agreed for the 2016 Club Series Racing;



 Earlybird Series from 31st Jan to 20th March - 8 races on Sundays

 Spring Series from 3rd April to 26th June - 11 races on Sundays but excluding Bank Holiday weekends.

 Tuesday Evening Spring Series from 10th May to 28th June - 8 races

 Tuesday Evening Summer Series from 5th July to 23rd August - 8 races

 Frostbite Series from 18th September to 4th December


Mandatory equipment


In addition to the existing list all boats will also have to carry a suitable knife accessible from the cockpit and an orange smoke flare.


All skippers are reminded that your race committee recommend that all sailors wear adequate personal buoyancy and suitable clothing while afloat.


Shanghai Cup


Efforts are being made to revitalise the Shanghai Cup. Any and all suggestions are invited as to how this event can be run in future. Please email yours to




The race committee will investigate the use of electronic flares as an alternative to pyrotechnic devices.


The race committee will consider the use of Rule 30.1