Killer Shrimp and Zebra Mussels

You will have observed the posters notifying you of the arrival in Cardiff Bay of Killer Shrimp and Zebra Mussels.  Although completely harmless to humans, they do have a seriously adverse effect on native freshwater life.  We have therefore introduced measures agreed by the Environment Agency in order to minimise the risk of spreading these creatures to other water catchment areas.

 Please take the following  precautions.

Please ensure that you inspect all your equipment including wetsuits and boots, waterproofs, buoyancy aids, nets, rods and reels and remove any shrimp or mussels as you come ashore.

  • Whether at home or in the Club do not wash your kit where the effluent might go down any drain.  This applies even if you cannot see any shrimp as the young can be very small and difficult to spot and during the summer and mussel larvae can be transported in bilge water.
  • If you are visiting another freshwater venue, drying your equipment is particularly important.  Shrimp can survive in damp conditions for long periods of time. If you are taking your craft to another freshwater venue before leaving CBYC by road the boat/vessel, trailers and trolleys must be washed/cleaned before leaving the premises and a certificate obtained from the office to confirm that this has been done. Particular attention should be taken with nooks and crannies. Many venues will not accept you unless you can provide proof of precautions taken and the Club will provide certification.

More information on the killer shrimp can be found at the Non Native Species Secretariat at the Department for Food and Rural Affairs.

The RYA has produced guidance on how to minimise the spread of non-native invasive species and we urge all clubs and individual boaters to follow this advice and remain vigilant to the risk of spread.