Boat Laying Up and Storage in the Yard

Published on 2 Mar 2017 by



Issued 2nd of March 2017



Dear Members

Boat Laying Up and Storage in the Yard


On the 23rd of February, when storm “Doris” swept our shores, we had quite a nasty incident in the yard.


The head sail on an 11 metre yacht became unfurled whilst ashore in a suitable cradle. Thanks to prompt action by the on duty yard staff serious damage was avoided.

 However this sort of thing can happen any time day or night when the club is not manned and the resultant damage of a boat falling over does not bear thinking about.

Plus it puts our staff at risk if they have to deal with similar incidents.

 As of todays date we respectfully request that all members intending to bring their boats ashore for laying in the yard remove the head sail before hand and make sure the main sail and other appendages are properly secured.

 If you have a boat in the yard at the moment can you please make sure you do the same as soon as possible please.


Kind Regards

Steve Cooper

Rear Commodore