Each pontoon has a water supply. Please supply your own hose pipe and ensure if is left on the tap that is is coiled neatly.

Refuse/ recycling

Our refuse compound is located in the car park. We  currently recycle Glass, cans, paper and Plastic.

Toilets and Showers in the Clubhouse and can be accessed 24 hours a day.


The visitors pontoon and pontoons A to E have 240 volt / 16amp supplies. Electricity is charged via a pre-paid card system of £5 and £10. Cards can be purchased from the Bar and Office. Please remember to:

Inspect your leads and plugs for damage regularly.

Disconnect your power lead at the supply bollard to avoid trailing a live end.

When connecting to the supply, attach the lead at the boat end first and work back to the supply bollard.

Do not leave live leads on the pontoons or in the water  -  always unplug them.

Please report any damaged or faulty equipment in the maintenance book behind the bar. 


There are two at the Club which can be found in the Clubhouse foyer and on the main pontoon walkway towards Pontoon K. Click here and learn how to use the defibrillator.


Trolleys are available for a £1 deposit. Please be considerate of other berth holders when taking the trolleys along the pontoons and be sure to return them when you have finished using them, ensuring all rubbish has been removed. Please do not allow children to ride in the trolleys.

Insurance Please note that third party insurance for a minimum of £3,000,000 is mandatory.


The Diesel Berth is located on D pontoon. It is available 7 days a week from 9:00 until 4.00pm. Please contact the marina Portacabin in the yard or the Club office prior to bringing your boat alongside. Members bringing in their own cans are responsible for the safe control and storage.

Paying for your diesel

Following the end of the derogation on red diesel, the price displayed on the pump is not the price you pay. You must fill in the declaration on the delivery note confirming the percentage of fuel used for propulsion. This must then be taken to the Admin Office where the price will be worked out.  Please note that fuel cannot be put on your membership account.


In the event of a spillage inform the Marina Staff immediately who will deploy the containment equipment and inform the environmental agency.

General Safety

Safety equipment is installed on the pontoons at regular intervals. Please familiarise yourself with their locations. 

The pontoons can become very slippery when they are wet or icy.

High winds can cause mobility problems and strong gusts can catch you off guard. Customers are advised not to go out onto the pontoons in adverse weather conditions unless absolutely necessary. Particular care should be taken when negotiating the bridgehead ramps and getting on or off boats. We advise all users to wear life jackets when walking on the pontoons, especially in poor weather conditions.


Children must be supervised at all time and must not be left unattended. It is recommended that children wear a buoyancy aid when near any water and when using the pontoon system.