Dinghy storage fees



We also offer limited dinghy storage on shore and have adopted a “Use it or Lose it” policy to ensure that our limited storage space is allocated to members who use their boats regularly whether it be for racing or purely recreational. 

Consideration in allocating space is also given to the type of dinghy used; Optimists, Lasers, Dart 15s, Classic Flying Fifteens and Laser 2000s being among the preferred boats of the Dinghy Section.


Dinghies up to 4.9m

£118.25  per annum


Oppies on Rack

£43.84  per annum

Flying Fifteen Storage

£197.24  per annum

‘Beach’ Catamarans

£177.37  per annum




Launch, recovery & takeaway

£52.00  per annum

Required for ALL craft using the slipway that are not kept at the Club, this Annual fee is charged at the beginning of the Club year and payable within 30 days of invoice.  Once payment is received a PAID sticker will be sent out and must be displayed prominently on the craft.

Tenders on the foreshore

£10.82 per annum

A sticker must be shown on the vessel.