Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

Sailing instructions

Applicable from 1st January 2007



    1. Racing will take place under the current International Yacht Racing Rules, the prescriptions of the RYA, unless amended by these Sailing Instructions and the appropriate Class Rules. For the purpose of advertising the races are category A events.
    2. These Sailing Instructions supersede all previous Sailing Instructions and chartlets.
    4. Each yacht should carry a working radio. All communications will be on VHF Channel 37 (M.,P1,37A) In case of difficulties on Channel 37 the OOD will inform the fleet of an alternative Channel. The call sign will be "CBYC Race Control"

    5. These Sailing Instructions will apply except when superseded by Sailing Instructions for individual Club Events where the results form part of the series.
    6. Competitors will refrain from radio communication with the OOD except in an emergency, to clarify course details or at the request of the OOD and/or these instructions.
    7. Amendments to Sailing Instructions will be notified either, when time allows, by letter to each registered yacht owner, or by the Race Officer on VHF as per 1.3
    8. Competitors may contact other competitors on Channel 37 but must then move to another channel to converse.


2.1 General

The safety of a yacht and her entire management, shall be the sole responsibility of the owner/competitor racing the yacht who must ensure that the yacht and her crew are adequate to face the conditions that may be encountered in the course of the race. Neither the establishment of these Sailing Instructions nor the inspection of the yacht under these conditions in any way limits or reduces the absolute responsibility of the owner/competitor for his crew, his yacht and the management thereof. The race organisers shall not be responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury howsoever caused to the owner/competitor,

his skipper or crew, as a result of their taking part in the race or races. Moreover, every owner/competitor warrants the suitability of his yacht for the race or races. All

competing yachts must have registered with the race officer or the Secretary.


    2. Yachts shall have a valid rating or handicap certificate for the class they wish to enter.

    3. Yachts entering the IRC classes, failing to supply a valid, current certificate by 1 March or at their entry into a series may, at the discretion of the race committee, be deleted from that series.
    4. It is a condition of entry that competing yachts shall permit scrutineers to check the validity of handicaps against certificates and/or class rules. Yachts may also be scrutinised to ensure compliance with 1.1 All yachts must display their correct sail numbers or sail number boards or have name boards prominently displayed.
    5. Failure to pay the Race Fee within two weeks of a yacht’s first start shall result in previous races being discounted.


3.1 Providing there are sufficient registered yachts racing will be organised into Fleets. A race will consist of two or more yachts.

    1. Fleet/Class Flags
    2. IRC - Flag "R" (+numeral)

      PY - Flag "K"

      Sportsboats Flag "J"

    3. Yachts will be allocated to fleets as the Race Committee see fit

  2. 4.1 The course for each fleet will be announced by VHF prior to the fleet/class signal. It may be repeated between the preparatory signal and the one-minute signal.

    1. Fleets may have different courses.
    2. Depending upon the numbers waiting to start, fleets may be grouped together or started as individual fleets.
    3. Courses may be chosen from the Course list that forms part of the Cruiser Racing Handbook



The PYC start line shall be a transit between the red triangle on the bridge deck and the flagstaff. An outer distance mark will be laid.

The finish line will be a line between the red triangle and the ODM.

    1. CBYC Starts
    2. When using the Barrage Starting Hut the starting and finishing line will be a line from the main mast in the front of the hut to Inner Wrach Buoy. The race officer will abort the start if advised by ABP that a vessel is about to enter the Wrach Channel within 10 mins of the start. Yachts waiting to start should, whenever possible, keep out of the Wrach Channel.


    3. CYC Starts
    4. As per 5.2.

    5. Penarth Pier
    6. Yachts are advised not to sail within 100 yds of either side of Penarth Pier. (This is to avoid inconveniencing anglers and other users of the Pier).

    7. On long channel races the race officer may set the finish line and yachts will be required to ‘take their own time crossing the finish line’. Finishing time should be recorded as elapsed time, i.e. hours, minutes and seconds after the start.


      Warning (5 min) Red ON One

      Preparatory (4 min) Red and Amber ON One

      1 Minute Amber OFF One Long

      Start Red & Green ON One

      Individual Recall 1 Steady White ON One

      General Recall 1 Flashing White ON Two

      Note: The starting sequence for the next class will be the start of the previous class

    12. The starting sequence for the recalled class or classes will recommence after all other classes have started.


In the event of a light failure the time will rule for the starting signals, the remaining colours indicate the sequence.

Vis – No Red – Start on Green 4 min after Amber ON, No Amber – Start on Green 5 min after Red, No Green – Start 1 min after Amber OFF.

If any recall lights fails sound signals and VHF will apply. It remains the responsibility of each yacht to start correctly.

    2. In periods of poor visibility yachts should identify themselves prior to crossing the finish line


      Postponements will be announced on VHF as per 1.3

    5. Courses may be shortened by the Race Officer by VHF as per 1.3 and will be denoted by two continuous white lights and two sound signals. In the event of a ‘lap type course’ the number or laps to be completed will be given. The course may be shortened at any mark of the course by the Race Officer, THAT mark will then be passed as originally prescribed. Having passed or rounded the mark Competitors will return direct to the finish line, missing out any other marks designated in the original course. The Race Officer may, for the purpose of clarification, give the direction in which they should cross the finishing line.


6.1 A boat start may be used when a committee boat is available. Competitors will be notified by VHF of the intention, approximate position and courses to be sailed.

    1. The start line is defined as the line between the mast of the committee boat, flying an Orange Flag, and an outer distance mark The starting procedure will be as per 5.6 except that Flags will be used in place of lights.

      Warning (5 min) Class Flag – UP One

      Preparatory (4 min) Code Flag "P"- UP One

      1 Minute Flag "P"- DOWN One Long

      Start Class Flag – DOWN One

      Individual recall Code Flag "X" – UP One

      General recall Code Flag "1st Sub – UP Two

      Note: Code flags "I", "Z" or a Black Flag may be used

      as the Preparatory Signal when appropriate

    3. Where circumstances allow a windward mark may be laid to give a ‘ beat start’, the Race Officer will give details on VHF as per 1.3.
    4. COURSES
    5. Courses may be taken from the course list or decided upon by the Race Officer to suit prevailing conditions. Either way they will be announced by VHF as per 1.3

    7. This will be between the main mast of the committee boat and an ODM unless the committee boat is unable to remain on station. The finishing line will then be that of the a club finish line which will be announced by VHF as per 1.3


Courses may be shortened at any mark in which case yachts will finish between the mark and a vessel displaying a flag ‘S’


7.1 The time limit, for the lead yacht, will be 3 hours for an individual race or 2 hours per race when ‘back to back’ races are planned, yachts still sailing at the cut off will be awarded equal points – one more than the last finisher. Where no yacht finishes all those still sailing will be awarded 2 points.

    1. Time limits for Low Water and Channel races will be given at the same time as the course is announced.
    2. When racing within the Barrage the course will be governed by time, normally 1 to 1.25 Hours for the lead yacht. The ‘cut off’ time will be a percentage of the lead yacht’s time to enable the slowest yacht sufficient time to complete the course within her handicap. The Race Officer will give details prior to the start.


8.1 Protests must be made in writing and lodged with the Race Officer within 2 hours of protesting yacht finishing the days racing, yachts may also lodge their intention to protest with the Race Officer by VHF. Protests lodged after this time will be heard at the discretion of the of the Protest Committee. Protest will be heard as soon as possible and parties involved should make themselves available.

    1. Protest Committees will, where possible, be made up of sailors from a different class or those not affected by the result.



9.1 Commercial Shipping must not be impeded under any Circumstances. Failure to observe this rule will result in a Race Officer protest.


9.2 All yachts are to be aware that within the defined limits of the Port of Cardiff they are under the jurisdiction of Associated British Ports (ABP), the statutory authority, and must comply accordingly with any directions given by the Harbour Master. It is strongly recommended by the ABP that all vessels should monitor VHF Channel 14 within the harbour area.

    1. The main restrictions concern the Wrach Channel. No yacht may anchor within the channel; any yacht in difficulties should request assistance.

  2. 10.1 Any yacht retiring from a race should inform the Race Officer by VHF (This is safety measure to account for all yachts at the end of racing)


11.1 After an infringement of RRS part 2 and getting well clear a yacht may take a TWO TURN penalty i.e. two continuous turns to include 2 Tacks and 2 Gybes.

    1. Touching a mark of the course – after getting well clear and as soon as possible a yacht may take a penalty by making one turn (to include one Tack and one gibe)


    1. For Lap Type courses where yachts pass through the start/finish line, if the race is not completed, the result will be determined by the times taken of competitors on the last time they passed through the finish line.


13.1 Competitors waiting to start must keep clear of those yachts about to start, they should also keep clear of the course side of the start line.

    1. When a yacht has finished the race she must make a reasonable effort to keep clear of other finishing yachts and immediately clear the finishing line.
    2. Failure to observe these instructions may result in Race Officer Protest.


14.1 The winner of each series will be the yacht with the lowest score, after discounts, of all races sailed in that series. In the event of a tie, RRS A2.3 will decide final places.


    1. Each yacht that finishes a race shall score in accordance with RRS A4.1, Low Points System.
    2. A yacht that ranks as a starter and dose not finish shall be considered to have retired and shall score points equal to the number of starters in that race plus one.
    3. A yacht which infringes the rules but dose not retire or accept Alternative Penalties as per para 11.1and 11.2 or a yacht which is disqualified shall score the points equal to the number of yachts in the series plus one.

  1. Safety

    1. No yacht may carry an anchor that overhangs its bow.

15.2 Transom mounted outboard motors must be either stowed within the yacht or left in the vertical position while racing.

Issue 1.1 Dated: 1st January 2007