Cardiff Bay Yacht Club - (Updated April 2015)


                      Standing Orders & Rules

1 Title 

The name shall be Cardiff Bay Yacht Club Angling Section

2 Objectives

1/- To promote the sport of Sea Angling with Rod, Reel & Line

2/- To promote competition between Members and to make all necessary Rules in furtherance of that objective                                                                                                                                       

3 Membership

1/- Membership of the Angling Section shall ONLY be to members of the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, with the exception of any person/s in full time employment with Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

2/- Membership of the Angling Section shall be, membership upon payment of the Angling Subscription, which shall be determined at the Annual General meetings of the Angling Section

3/- Re-affiliation of the Angling Section will be accepted, up to and immediately prior to the start of the Annual General Meeting, without the loss of benefits or privileges

4/- Membership of the Angling Section, taken after the Annual General Meeting, shall become due for re-affiliation as outlined above

4 Membership Subscription

1/- Membership of the Angling Section shall be for twelve months, upon the payment of the appropriate Annual Subscription, currently set at :-

                             Adults - £12.50              Juniors - £1.00  wef  03/12

Passed with effect from March 2012 AGM

2/- The full term of Membership shall be for a period of 12 months, commencing on the 1st March


5 Government

1/- Government of the Angling Section shall be vested in General Meetings

2/- The Annual General Meeting of the Angling Section shall be the recognised meeting for any change of Rules, or, alteration of the constitution, subject to the provisions hereinafter dealt with in respect of Special General Meetings

3/- The Committee of the Angling Section shall meet on the first Wednesday of each month in order to govern and deal with the general running of the Angling Section

Passed with effect from 18 March 2015 AGM

4/- If required there shall be a Quarterly Meeting of the Committee and the membership of the Angling Section

5/- Any major decision made by the Angling Section Committee shall only be permitted, provided it is covered by, or within, the constraints of the existing Angling Section Rules. Otherwise, any suggested changes may only be made after consultation with members at an Emergency or Special General Meeting

6 Privileges

1/- An ‘Optional Pool’ shall normally be available to participants in a competition, at the discretion of an officer of the Angling Section

7 Annual General Meeting

1/-The Annual General Meeting of the Angling Section shall be held at least one week before the Main Club Annual General Meeting

Passed with effect from 18 March 2015 AGM

2/- The Section shall give advance notification to the Officers and Members, at least Three Weeks before the meeting, asking for nominations, resolutions, and items for the agenda

3/- All nominations, resolutions and items for the agenda shall be lodged, in writing, with the Secretary at least two weeks prior to the meeting

NOTE: The attendance of the Proposer and Seconder at the Annual General Meeting is necessary to move such items. Otherwise, they shall be deemed to be ‘NOT MOVED’ and withdrawn

4/- The Agenda will be prepared by the Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman and notification of all items for the meeting given to the Officers and Members, at least one week prior to the meeting taking place

All aspects of notification shall be deemed to have taken place if displayed upon the notice board at the clubhouse of the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club


5/- Those to be elected at the Annual General meeting are the officer, viz:

 Title                                                                                                Mandate

Chairman                                                    Overall control and adjudication

Vice Chairman                                            Deputise for Chairman

Secretary                                                     Section Administrator and Membership


Treasurer                                                     All matters relating to Finance of the


Competition Organiser                               Publication of competition dates & tidal

                                                                     predictions, Inter Club Networking, 


Weigh- master/Records                              Ultimate decision regarding all weigh- in  

                                                                     proceedures, the keeping of up to date

                                                                     records of all competition results

Deputy Weigh-masters                              Two – to assist with weigh-ins as required

‘IT’ Co-ordinator                                          To liaise with C.B.Y.C. webmaster re-

                                                                      Angling Section contributions to website

Passed with effect from 18 March 2015 AGM

6 A ‘Quorum’ for General Meetings shall comprise at least 20% of the registered Membership of the Angling Section

7  Voting at Meetings

1/-shall be restricted to one vote per Full Member

2/- RULES may be Rescinded, Amended, Altered, or Added To by a majority of two thirds of the voting strength in attendance at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose

8 Special General Meeting (EGM)

1/- A Special General Meeting may be called at any time BY RESOLUTION SIGNED BY NO LESS THAN 25% OF THE REGISTERED MEMBERSHIP of the Angling Section

2/- Notification of such a resolution shall be given to the Secretary, stating the full object of the meeting and giving the EXACT TEXT of the resolution to be moved at that meeting

No other business may be discussed other than that for which the meeting has been called

3/- Notice of such a meeting together with the Agenda must be given to the Officers and Members of the Angling Section at least twenty-one days prior to the meeting date

4/- The meeting will convene within twenty-eight days of receipt of the request for the meeting

9 Finance

1/- The Financial Year shall, for all accounting purposes, be the twelve months commencing the 1st day of December – 30th of November

2/- A Balance Sheet showing the financial position of the Angling Section at the end of the preceding financial year, shall be prepared by the Treasurer of the Angling Section, following inspection of the Treasurer’s Books by the Treasurer of the C.B.Y.C. and a copy of the Balance Sheet shall be submitted, together with the Notice of AGM, posted to Members, for discussion and ratification

3/- The treasurer shall report the current financial position of the Angling Section at any Quarterly Meeting of the Angling Section

10 Dissolution

1/- The Angling Section shall only be dissolved by resolution of two consecutive General Meetings, notice must be served separately. Such resolutions must be supported by 75% of those present and entitled to vote. The aforementioned 75% MUST represent at least 50% of the Registered Members of the Angling Section

2/- If such a resolution were passed, the Officers of the Angling Section shall wave authority forthwith, to liquidate the affairs of the Angling Section. If there are any assets on realisation, they shall be passed over to the parent body – Cardiff Bay Yacht Club

11 Standing Orders – Meetings

1/- An agenda shall be prepared by the Secretary, in consultation with the Chairman. All items forming the Agenda shall take, upon acceptance by the meeting, priority over any other business

2/- ‘Any Other Business’ will only be accepted at the discretion of the Chairman, or by resolution, passed by the Members present

3/- ‘Any Other Business’ shall not be accepted at the Annual General Meeting, under any circumstances, unless tha business is proved to have become subject matter for the Annual General Meeting, after notification of the Agenda, by the Secretary, to the Members – andthen only by Resolution

4/- The Secretary shall keep a record of all Members that attend meetings

12 Minutes

The Minutes of the last Meeting shall be read and moved as an accurate record of the business that transpired. No motion or discussion of the minutes shall be allowed, except with regard to their accuracy

13 Resolutions

1/- Any Member may move a proposition on an item on the agenda during a debate.

2/- Any number of amendments may be put to the motion, but only one amendment shall be before the meeting at any one time

3/- The amendment, on being carried, will then substantiate the motion. Members may then, if required, propose further amendments to it

4/- Every proposition and amendment put to the Meeting requires a ‘Seconder’. If a proposition or amendment is put and ‘Not Seconded’, it shall be deemed ‘Not Acceptable’ and be ‘Refused’ by the Chairman

14 Time to speak

1/- The mover of a motion shall be permitted to speak on the motion for a single period, not exceeding five minutes

2/- Subsequent speakers will be entitled to the floor of the meeting for a single period, not exceeding three minutes. This time period may be extended, at the discretion of the chairman

3/- The mover of the motion shall have the right to reply

15 Closure of debate

A debate may be closed by the moving of, either of the following motions to be put immediately by the Member who has not previously spoken at any time during the debate in question. This may only be exercised once per item on the Agenda

  • The meeting proceeds to the next business

If Carried – All discussion on the subject will cease, without a vote been taken

If Lost – Discussion of the original subject will be resumed

  • That the motion be put

If Carried – The motion is put to the vote immediately with the right of the mover to reply to the debate

IF Lost – Discussion of the original subject will be resumed

  • The Chairman may close the debate when he considers that fair discussion has been allowed, BUT, in the event of a dispute, the decision must rest with the Meeting, by resolution

16 Chairman of the Meeting

1/- The Chairman of the Meeting should not normally take part in the general discussion, except to give guidance to the Meeting

2/- In the event of the Chairman wishing to express his personal views, the Chairman should vacate the Chair, unless requested by the Meeting, to express those views, without vacating the Chair

3/- The Chairman’s Ruling on any matter shall be final, unless a majority of the Meeting votes to the contrary

4/- The Chairman shall be responsible for keeping order and ensuring that all discussions are directed through the Chair, in an orderly manner, to ensure that the business for which the Meeting was called shall be concluded

17 Suspension of standing orders

1/- Standing Orders may be suspended on a majority vote of the members present. The mover of the suspension must state the purpose and time period of the suspension of Standing Orders

18 Competitions – Rules

1/- Competitions shall be held at reasonable intervals throughout the year. The Competitions Organiser shall post a Notice of Competitions, giving full details of those Competitions upon the Notice Board at the clubhouse of the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, as soon as possible following the Annual General Meeting of the Angling Section. Generally, within two weeks of the Annual general Meeting shall be deemed sufficient time for that Notice to be posted

Passed with effect from 18 March 2015 AGM

2/- Any competition taking place after the 1st January and before the 1st competition detailed in the ‘Notice of Competitions’, shall be classed as acceptable for inclusion in the calendar of competitions. The winner of such competitions shall be qualified to win any of the Special Awards for that year

3/- Entry to competitions by fully paid- up Members of the Angling Section, shall be by right, BUT, non- members, including Visitors, may also enter the competitions, upon payment of an entry fee of £3.00 per competition. Such entry fee together with registration of participation, to be paid to the skipper of the boat concerned, PRIOR to the competitor sailing out to take part in that particular competition

4/- Provision is not made for participation of non-members of the Angling Section, in Special Competitions organised for the benefit of the Angling Section Members only

5/- Visitors may only fish a Competition from an existing Member’s boat

6/-Registration. All Members and Visitors entering any C.B.Y.C. Angling Section Competitions are required to ‘Register’ their Intention to Compete, on the Registration Form which will be posted on the Section Notice Board, prior to each competition. All persons on each boat, Visitors included, must be registered, whether fishing or not. Members or Visitors failing to Register prior to any Competition will render themselves ineligible to weighing-in their catches

7/- Section Run Fishing Pool. When a Section-Run Fishing Pool is in operation for any given Competition, should any Member or Visitor, or any vessel wish to enter the Pool then ALL persons aboard that vessel must also enter the Pool. All Pool Prize Monies will be split 60/40% for the 1st and 2nd Competition winners

21 Number of Competitors

1/- A Competition shall be deemed to have taken place, provided any two boats of Registered Members of the Angling Section have participated

Passed with effect from18 March 2015 AGM

22 Cancellation

1/- Only two boat owning Committee Members of the Angling Section Committee shall have Final Discretion, with regard to the weather conditions prevailing on that day, whether or not, to cancel a Competition

To find out if a Competition has been cancelled, you can telephone either of the two Committee Members below, ideally on the evening before at 1900 – 2230 hrs  or on the morning of the Competition as follows : - Bryn Thomas 07575248338 or Gaffer Griffiths 07811373852 N.B. Should you forget to phone and turn up at the club on the morning of the Competition, to find that the Registration Form has been removed, you can assume that the Competition has been cancelled

23 Duration of Competitions

The duration of Angling Section Competitions shall be as follows : -

All boats participating in C.B.Y.C. Angling Competitions shall be required to remain in the confines of Cardiff Bay until the appointed ‘Start Time’ for the Competition. Please do not Lock- Out before the Competition ‘Start Time’

The times relative to the duration of Angling Competitions, i.e.’ Start Fishing’ and ‘Weigh-In’times, shall be set by the Competition Organiser of the Angling Section, provided that prior notice of these times has been posted in accordance with Rule 18 (1/-)

Passed with effect from 18 March 2015 AGM

24 Rod Rules

1/- A competitor shall use NO MORE THAN TWO RODS and the paternoster, ledger or other terminal tackle attached thereto, shall not have more than three hooks. A treble hook will count as three hooks

2/- A competitor may have a Reserve Rod assembled with reel attached, but with NO PETERNOSTER, LEDGER or other TERMINAL TACKLE attached thereto

3/- Any Visiting Angler being carried upon any C.B.Y.C. boat during the course of any C.B.Y.C. Angling Section Competition shall be required to comply with this rule, in that any such Visiting Angler shall use NO MORE THAN TWO RODS, in compliance with C.B.Y.C. Rules. It shall be the responsibility of the owner of the boat or any other C.B.Y.C. Angling Section Member on board that vessel, to ensure that any Visiting Angler complies with this Rule

Removal of reference to Rule 22 (1) - error in transcript

Passed with effect from 18 March 2015 AGM

25 Limitation of Areas to be Fished and ‘Weigh-In’ Proceedures

1/- There are no current limits or restrictions in place regarding areas that may be fished - clarification of situation

Passed with effect from18 March 2015 AGM

2/- Weighing-In’ Unless Competitors are otherwise notified, the ‘Weighing-In’ point for all Competitors shall be situated within the club grounds of Cardiff Bay Yacht Club at the times specified in the published details of Competitions. All Competition fish must be landed by boat on the C.B.Y.C. pontoon or transferred to a boat moored at C.B.Y.C.

3/- All fish ‘Weighed In’ for normal Competitions, will be evaluated by using the percentage method, whereby fish are compared by their relative percentage of the current W.F.S.A. Record Weight

4/- ‘Weighing-In’ Times – The scales will be open for ‘Weighing-In’ one hour before the Competition End and will close 15 minutes after the Competition End Time. All fish must be brought to the scales before the ‘Weigh-In’ Ending Time, but ‘Weigh-In’ will continue until all those fish are Weighed

5/- Winner – The Winner of a Competition shall be the Competitor landing the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE FISH caught during a particular Competition

Each C.B.Y.C. Angling Section Competition shall, in addition to the Monthly Trophy/Prize Award, become subject to a POINTS SYSTEM, with a view to Annual Awards being made to the Ten Top Scoring Members. Points to be awarded in relation to the Ten Highest Percentage Fish ‘Weighed-In’ by each individual Member taking part in the Competition, as follows : -

From 10 Points for the Highest Percentage Fish, progressing down to One Point for the Lowest Percentage Fish. Best Boat Points to be awarded as follows : -

Boat on which 1st prize fish caught.................3 Points

Boat on which 2nd prize fish caught............... 2 Points

Boat on which 3rd prize fish caught................1 Point

At times, a competition will be run for Total Boat Catch. The total weight of fish caught and ‘Weighed-In’ will be devided by the number of persons fishing  from that boat, thus giving the ‘Boat Weight Per Person’. Heaviest Average Weight Per Person will decide the winning boat


26 Boats Away

Members who are away from the Club can enter Competitions providing they do not leave port before the designated ‘Start-Time’ and there are at least Two Boats with a section member aboard in that port and registration details are advised to a Committee Member.

 Passedwith effect from 18th March 2015 AGM


27 Protests

In the event of a Protest, the Protestor shall : -

1/- Advise an Officer of the Angling Section within three hours of conclusion of the Competition in question

2/- Submit details of the Protest In Writing, together with a protest fee of £1.00 to the Secretary of the Angling Section, before the next Committee Meeting of the Angling Section, following the incident giving rise to the Protest

3/- The Secretary shall form a Protest Committee, which shall include a Flag Officer of the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club to formally hear and determine the validity of the Protest and report their findings to the Management Committee of the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club for such disciplinary action as the Committee may deem necessary

28 Disqualification

Any Member, who fails to comply with any of these Rules, shall be disqualified. ( Subject to the offence firstly being investigated by the Angling Section Committee

29 Amendment of Published Dates of Competitions

The published dates of Competitions to take place throughout the year shall be subject to amendment in relation to the following Special Events : -

1/- Cardiff Bay Yacht Club Regatta

2/- The Grangetown Cup

3/- The Ladies Competition

4/- Fishing Competition – ‘Away in Company’

30 Prizes

1/- Prizes awarded to the Winners of Competitions may be Vouchers, Special Prizes: - TV/DVD Combi., or even cash

2/- Prizes, Roll-Overs – In the event of any Competition being cancelled, or any Prize not won, that Prize fund will be Rolled-Over and added to the Prize Fund for the next Competition. However due to possible financial constrains, the Angling Section Committee will have the right to exercise their discretion regarding the continuation of this practice. (Notice of Motion AGM 15/03/2006 Refers)

31 Trophies

Any Member of the Penarth Motor and Sailing Club and the newly named Cardiff Bay Yacht Club, shall be entitled to win any of the Trophies described in the schedule appended to these Rules and to retain possession of such Trophy for a period of Twelve Months, or, any such shorter period as may be decreed by the Committee of the Angling section

Special Awards

1/- The Masters Cup, The McNiff Trophy – Awarded for the best overall performance by any Member of the Angling Section during the year

2/- The Pennar Park Shield – Awarded to the best overall performance by an AnglingSection Member’s boat during the year

3/- The Three Islands Angling Cup – Awarded to the Member landing the Highest Percentage Fish caught during the two day competition held in conjunction with The Three Islands Yacht Race

4/- The Grange Cup – Awarded to the Member landing the Highest Percentage Fish during a specially arranged Night Fishing Competition

5/- Sea Swallow Plaque – Awarded to the Lady Member landing the Highest Pecentage Fish during a specially arranged Ladies Competition

6/- Junior Cup – Awarded to the best performance by a Junior Member throughout the year

7/- Marion & Eric Whittle Shield – Awarded to the member landing the Highest Percentage Fish throughout the year

General Award for Club Competitions

1/ The Bull Cup

2/- The Andiamo Trophy

3/- The Steve Miles Shield

4/-  The Millford Cup

5/- The Volante Trophy

All of the above are awarded to Members landing the heaviest fish during a published competition


The Constitution, Standing Orders and Competition Rules detailed herein, subject to the Amendments and Addendums subsequently applied, were debated and agreed by the membership of the Cardiff Bay Yacht Club Angling Section at an Annual General Meeting held on the 18th March 2015 and supersede any previous Agreements or Rules