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Concern has been expressed by several fishermen, including committee members, that we as anglers should be more aware of the danger to stocks of particular fish e.g. Thornback Ray & Bull Huss & others. It has often been the practice to weigh-in fish that are believed to meet the qualifying standard only to find that this is not so or they have been beaten in competition by larger specimens. The fish are then occasionally discarded rather than been reintroduced to their natural environment to further their life expectancy. It is felt by the committee that we must encourage the latter and set up, in the first place, a revocable system whereby anglers can access their likelihood of winning a prize before landing any prospective fish. As a committee we have agreed the following but in the first instance will not consider it mandatory.

With immediate effect, anglers that consider they have caught a fish that qualifies, and likely to win a prize, should contact a committee member via mobile or VHF before returning to port to see if any other anglers have recorded fish that might prejudice the validity of their claim. Obviously this will have the merit of deciding whether to land the fish, unless it is intended for human consumption. This way we consider we will be doing ‘our bit’ for conservation of the fish stocks, and who knows, maybe promoting the Angling Section of C.B.Y.C. as a responsible and caring club.

(2019 season) The committee are currently looking into ways in which fish can be entered into competitons without being returned, through video weighing, photographic evidence of measurements etc - more details to follow soon....

Phil Evans


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